Saturday, 21 December 2013

Pink Star News: Holidays Are Coming

"Fuck! There is literally no gay news today!"
"Not even a press release from Peter Tatchell about what Peter Tatchell thinks about something no-one else gives a fuck about?"
"Can we not ring someone up and ask them if they think what's just happened in Uganda is a bad thing?"
"Done it."
"Homophobic American Christian preacher says something homophobic?"
"Even I'm bored with them."
"Russian gay man breaks fingernail - Putin blamed?"
"Fuck. We. Are. Screwed!"
"Do you think we can wring yet another story out of that BBC ban on red ribbons?
"A twelfth!? Think even we've OD-ed on that one."
"Oh fuck it, this is an emergency. We only have the default option... it's time to run a story about gay penguins!"
"Oh fuck! Must we? Again!!?"
"It's that or a 'heartwarming' video of some American soldiers getting gaymarried."
 "Ah. Sorry. Well, it is Christmas."
"Gay pub?"
"Gay pub."

Pink Star News closes for Christmas...


  1. This story is inaccurate. The persons depicted speaking would have said "bored of", not "bored with".