Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Guardian: Private LIves

"Photograph posed by models"
I am a gay man of 21 and have never even kissed a guy and, although I'm willing to try it, I usually just have crushes on straight men. I had been in love with one for almost a decade – I fell in love because of hidden "signs" I thought he showed. This has already happened many times and now I feel depressed because I believe in true love and don't want to kiss the first man who comes along. Recently, I fell in love again, but it was difficult because, although this guy wasn't straight and had a crush on me, he is in the closet. I feel that I will be on the shelf for ever and that my destiny is to be alone.

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PS The Guardian Weekend's got some more gayers going on a Blind Date today. It went okay for a change.


  1. "It went okay for a change."

    It didn't, 'cos they're going to meet again only as friends. No *love*.

    1. That is "okay" - I didn't say it went well etc.
      Often when they get the gays to do this there's some sly heavy bitching going on in their "reviews."