Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Pink Vote: Oh No It's Not!

Tory support among gay people has increased since David Cameron backed same-sex marriage, according to a poll.

About 30% of those surveyed by said they would vote Conservative – compared with 11% at the last general election. Cameron was also the most popular choice as prime minister, with 46% saying they wanted him in No 10 against 37% endorsing Labour leader Ed Miliband and 17% the Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg.

PinkNews has been tracking the voting intentions of 724 gay people, selected to be demographically and geographically representative, since 2010.

Publisher Benjamin Cohen said: "It is clear that David Cameron's strong support for same-sex marriage, despite loud opposition from within his party, has been recognised by the gay community, although this hasn't necessarily translated into support for the Conservative party."

The Guardian, Press Association story.

Oh purlease!
Taking Pink News' readers as a snapshot of the LGBT vote is like using a poll of Daily Mail readers as a barometer of what Britain thinks.
This tells us nothing other than that a lot of gay Tories read Pink News - which is hardly (pink) news.

PS Here's the Pink News breakdown - which seems to be suggesting it would be okay to vote for UKIP and the BNP if they backed gay marriage!


  1. if 750 people is enough to say L'Oreal produce the best hairspray/make-up/coouring stuff/etc then it should be enough convince the LGBT+ world to vote Tory at the next election shouldn't it?

  2. Ben Cohen is such a Tory kiss arse. It's frightening.