Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black: A New Royal Family...

Tom and Dustin: Not actually pictured together recently.
There are ups (posh breakfasts) and downs (no Corrie) but when a guest arrives for family Christmas, things are VERY different

Some time in the next week, Tom Daley’s mum will almost definitely do an Ocado panic order, getting in four packets of smoked salmon, some vegetarian turkey (“He’s not vegetarian, Mum”, “Well he MIGHT BE BY THEN, TOM”) and blinis for canapes, even though no-one’s ever eaten a canape in their own home without thinking “Why can’t we just have normal sized food?”

Because as Tom has invited boyfriend Dustin Lance Black round for dinner on December 25th , this is his first official Bringing Someone Home Christmas, which changes all the usual family Christmas rules, and without exception makes mums become Pam from Gavin and Stacey. Here’s what superstar diver Tom can expect when his new boyfriend Dustin arrives for Christmas…


It is quite cute that the Mirror can run something like this with the gay option - even if it is just silly Christmas season filler.
The 'Royal Family' 'headline' here is just an amusing accidental layout juxtaposition on the Mirror online.
I think. 
Fagburn's not completely convinced Dustin will be spending Xmas at Tom's mum's.
Can you imagine Dustin Lance Black in Plymouth?
No wonder they've been seen househunting in that London.

PS Our Tom was the eighth most Googled name of 2013! He came in between Nigella Lawson and Lou Reed.

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