Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Tom Daley: Gay

There has been much chatter about whether we should say Tom Daley is gay, or bi.
Like on Queerty.
Pink News.
Huff Post Gay etc.
Some quite spectacular intellectual gymnastics going on there.
Wet liberal hand-wringing ahoy!
Like anyone, Tom should be free to define - or not define - himself, but...
Question: When you first saw the Olympic diver what did you think to yourself?
"Oh, he seems bisexual."
Or... "OMG! What a screaming gaylord!!!"
Andrew Sullivan - not someone I usually agree with - wrote much sense here; Let me place a bet, Tom Daley will never have sex with a woman again.
Tom Daley is gay.
As gay as a lorry.
A big pink lorry with 'FAG!' written on the side.
He is gay.
Gay gay GAY!
You can see her gayness from outer space!
Tom Daley is gay!
Get over it.
Merry Christmas.


  1. Yeah, I don't think Daley has ever been with a woman. He admits himself that he's never had a serious relationship until now. His previous dates with girls were basically platonic. He says that this is his first real relationship. I think Sullivan is right about the part about Daley transitioning to fully gay in the years ahead, perhaps when he feels that he (and his fangirls) are ready to hear it.

  2. Your man Tom is a cakeboy.

  3. Tom says he's been in relationships with women. He admits the relationship he's in now is his first serious one. He doesn't think his previous relationships with girls were platonic. However, there's a hint these girls may have felt differently. Watch the Jonathon Ross interview - he says something to the extent of: you won't believe this but with girls I've had a lot of rejection. Poor Tom, so innocent - but always honest.