Monday, 9 December 2013

Tom Daley: School's Out!

Olympic diving champion Tom Daley is a great role model for teenagers across the world. Earlier this week Daley published a YouTube video where he openly discussed his sexuality and that he is now in a relationship with a man, making him arguably the most high-profile UK sportsman to come out as bisexual or gay and definitely the youngest.

Your students are probably already discussing the story and may even have been part of the wave of support for Tom Daley on social media, especially through Twitter. The diver's frank and honest words have given schools a wonderful opportunity to get students thinking about how to tackle homophobia in school and to create a supportive environment for students of any sexual orientation.

Here we pull together relevant news stories, multimedia and teaching resources to use in tutor time, PSHE, citizenship, assemblies and beyond...

Teacher Network, The Guardian.

Probably a sign of how long it's been since Fagburn was at school, but just hearing about teachers and students even thinking about doing things like this makes me go emotional and think there's still some hope for the world.

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