Saturday, 11 January 2014

CBB: Blue For You

Exciting news!

Fagburn may have been watching the wrong clips, but I haven't seen Lee say he actually did it with Duncan.

This is from ye olde "anonymous source" in The Sun - talking to their token gayer and Mr Showbiz Dan Wootton.
The source is actually Lee saying they had a threesome or two in a 2010 interview with Now magazine.

Regular viewers may recall Duncan James was outed by The Sun's sister title, News Of The World (RIP).

The Sun says (some more balls)...


PS Looney-tunes Evan Holyfield has left the Celebrity Big Brother building. Good riddance god-botherer! This piece about him by Louise McCudden in The Independent seems familiar...

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  1. Never mind his threesomes or who might've been involved in them - what sticks in my mind is an interview where he admitted farting when he had the runs and following through all down the back of his legs. Now why would anyone want to share that with the general public?!?
    Country Folk