Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Coca-Cola: Most Boring Story Of The Week

A Coca Cola website allowing users to name coke cans has been replaced by the company following social media controversy and a #BBCtrending investigation.

The site allowed people to write their names on coke cans but wouldn't allow the word "gay" to be used.

It caused a storm on social media, but why was the site (based in South Africa) attracting the attention of the global gay rights movement? And was the criticism fair? Coca Cola sponsor the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, and many Olympic sponsors are being criticised by gay rights activists who oppose a Russian law that imposes fines for providing "propaganda" about homosexuality to minors. Coca Cola have now taken down the site and apologised for any offence caused, saying they are "a strong supporter of the LGBT community."

God, they are some boring gayers out there.

What kind of a freak would try to write 'gay' on a can of fizzy pop anyway?

Take that Putin!

PS Or make an even more pointless act of faux protest by kidding yourself Ukip will care if you download 'It's Raining Men'!

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  1. also coca cola were even running some stupid tv ad just after christmas featuring two men getting married in amongst other things