Friday, 31 January 2014

Danny Dyer: 'Ow's Yer Father (Dealing With His Son's Coming Out)?

Danny Dyer has revealed how proud he is to be a part of EastEnders' gay storyline, saying it has changed people's perception of him.

The hardman actor, who joined the BBC soap at Christmas, has been involved in a plot that saw his on-screen son come out.

“It was a real positive thing,” said Danny on this weekend's Jonathan Ross Show.

Speaking about the fan mail he has received since the scenes aired, the actor admits it has touched him.

“A lot of young gay men, who hadn’t come out yet, they saw that scene and I was getting letters from these guys saying they came out the next day because of it.

"That’s a powerful thing and I was really proud to be associated with that.”

Dyer thinks that storyline has gone a long way in changing how people see him, thanks to his character Mick Carter's reaction.

He explained: “ They spun it on the head for me, because obviously my perception and what people think I’m about – that I was going to react badly - and instead I just cuddled him and said, ‘Listen, it’s fine, I love you, no problem.’”

Daily Mirror.

Fagburn loved the coming out scene.

And I have a lot of time for professional cheeky chappie Cockney geezer, Danny Dyer.

He's worked with Harold Pinter, you know?


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  1. I love him. He was brilliant as the gay character in the Borstal Boy film, and that coming out scene in EastEnders was superbly written and acted - just so beautiful and quietly intense and true.
    He's a very good actor who unfortunately got sidelined a bit for the last few years in dodgy gangster films as the cockney hard man.
    He's so much more than that and I hope his film career picks up again after EastEnders,..