Thursday, 2 January 2014

EastEnders: Gay Kiss Causes Twitterstorm In A Teacup!

Some people have said on Twitter they did not like seeing two fellas kissing on an EastEnders on Monday much, Pink Star News can exclusively reveal.

Even though people go on Twitter and complain about opening a can of baked beans, or sitting next to someone on the bus they thought was fugly, so this doesn't really matter and isn't newsworthy, and is just the sort of silly outrage-inventing you get in The Sun and The Daily Mail.

Danny Pennant and Johnny Carter orally kissed during the 30th December episode of the ongoing British soap drama which is set in east London, the capital of the UK.

When the two men, who are both openly gay on the popular TV show, kissed for the first time, it caused a huge outrage on social media.

Pink Star News has found two on Twitter.

"UGH! there is 2 gay guys kissing on #eastenders!!! GROSS! SICK INN MOUTH!!!" tweeted @Banterladdave.

"It is sad the two homosexuals on Eastenders have not heard the Good Word of our lord Jesus" added @SimonJumper45

About 350 million "tweets" are sent ever day, and about 5 million people usually watch EastEnders, so how important do you think this really is?

The BBC - who received a massive two complaints - told PSN that some people will complain about anything and everything, so they don't usually take much notice.

PS SPOILER ALERT!!! Johnny Carter comes out to his dad (Danny Dyer) in Friday's episode.

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  1. Dyer played a bumder in the Borstal Boy film.
    He was really great in it, actually.
    He's a very good actor when he isn't playing the cockney 'ard man.