Sunday, 12 January 2014

Independent On Sunday: Getting LGBT Suicide Wrog

The Independent (On Sunday) continue their embarrassingly bad gay coverage.

The survey cited was unscientific, self-selecting and asked leading questions.

Asking someone if they have ever thought about suicide is meaningless - who hasn't? - particularly when no comparison is given to young straight people. *

The survey was conducted by Youth Chances and the charity Metro.

Maybe they have a vested interest in exaggerating the problem as they are currently seeking more lottery funding?

The headline says it all; 'Mental health crisis looms for gay teenagers'

Sounds like a funding application to Fagburn.

Our homophobic culture certainly ruins - and sometimes ends - lives, but nonsense like this does nothing to help.

Still, I bet the usual gay hysterics will be jacking off over this junk science.


* Update: The Independent wrote last year about a "survey" that claimed a third of all young people have "contemplated suicide" - roughly the same as above, allowing for the usual "statistical margin of error" - and again without questioning the figures.
But why print a story if it's not a scare story?


  1. What was unscientific about it?

    1. It wasn't representative and its main 'finding' is based on asking a silly leading question.

  2. patrick smugtwit has now tweeted about this!

  3. I think about *your* suicide