Monday, 6 January 2014

Patrick Strudwick: How Long Til He Says 'Imagine If They Said That About Black People!' In 2014 Sweepstake - Bingo!

At last!!!
Patrick finally used his favourite phrase - "Imagine if they said that about black people!" - for the first time in 2014 yesterday evening (January 5th, approx 11pm) - and wonderfully it was in reaction to someone saying something stupid on Celebrity Big Brother!
And he compared it to fascism!
Boys, Britain's most profound and original political gay thinker has not let us down.
A self-satirising gay cliché, this professional pink pearl-clutcher really is the idiotic hysterical gaybore that just keeps on giving.
Winners will be notified later today - thanks to all who entered.

PS Did you know Patrick Strudwick is now also an expert on lesbian subcultures in impoverished black townships in South Africa?
Good job he got the byline on this Independent On Sunday article about the horror of "corrective rape" - and not Clare Carter who only went to South Africa and conducted all the interviews. 
Some may think this ironic - if not breathtakingly hypocritical - when it's an article about the exploitation of women, but thankfully we know that Patrick really, really cares.
Cause he keeps telling us he does.
Yay Patrick!


  1. It will be sacrilege to his legions of fans, I know, but...I've never actually heard of him.