Sunday, 12 January 2014

Paul Flowers: Back Back BACK!

DISGRACED cleric Paul Flowers has returned to his luxury church home — amid new claims last night that he is back on drugs and hiring rent boys.

Methodist minister Flowers, 63, was suspended by church elders last November when a video surfaced of him allegedly buying crystal meth and cocaine.

The former Co-operative Bank chairman had not been seen at the church-owned four-bed home after he was also accused of spending thousands of pounds on rent boys.

But it was alleged last night that he has since been using the horse tranquilliser ketamine and booking male prostitutes. It is claimed he asked a rent boy to visit him last Wednesday and promised in a taped telephone call: “I will have K (ketamine)...”

Happy days for The Sun On Sunday.

Oh, leave the poor man alone, you heartless bastards!

If no-one on The Sun wasn't taking cocaine you'd never get an issue out.


  1. He is not a *vicar*.

    When I were a cub reporter on The Luton News we were taught to be very attentive to the terminology of different denominations. You did not ask the Baptist chap whether at his church attendances were going going down at mass. Methodist clerics are not called "vicars".

    Rather pleasing, this ignorance of clerical matters...

    1. "Crystal Vicar" has a nice ring to it, though...