Sunday, 26 January 2014

Queer Nation NY: USA! USA! USA!

The gay right wants big business to play nice.
Because capital is all and your only power is as a consumer.
Richard Fairbrass and Peter Tatchell were flown out to that "protest" by noted right-wing anti-semite Nikolay Alexeyev - all expenses paid by his super rich boyfriend.
He knew what would happen, and they were just useful idiots.
That okay with you?

Funny how Queer Nation NY don't give a fuck about anything bad happening in their own queer nation or New York.

And James Kirchick.
Michael Lucas.

Right-wing gay cunts.

Maybe there's another rather sinister political agenda going on here...


  1. I thought you were exaggerating as usual but

    Like, wow.

    'Pologies for resorting to Wiki, no time for real actual research these days.

    1. Wikipedia isn't a serious scholarly resource (no encyclopedia is), but it's still pretty useful.

      True, reading a Wiki article isn't the same as doing in-depth research. But many people refuse to do even that little bit of effort. You're already better off than most of the angry anons who'll come storming into the comment box.

    2. Thanks, I happened to be in the mood for having something nice said to me today. Have a great day yourself!

  2. Revisionist face-saving attempt from same Fagburn who last year was the biggest defender of said Russian nutter even when the signs were obvious.

    Keep being shit. Embarrassingly, incompetently, dishonestly shit

    1. When did I defend him?
      It's not the same as mentioning someone you know...

  3. Whoever designed those graphics isn't fit to design his own MySpace. The fake blood under the weepy bear's left eye was a nice touch though. It's almost a sort of illusion.

    The Queer Nation NY website is laugh-a-minute hilarious by the way if you haven't already checked it out.