Thursday, 30 January 2014

Russia: We Care A Lot!

The gays of Sochi are dreading the Winter Olympics.
The UK government is to give extra funding for gay rights campaigners in Russia amid growing concerns over the introduction of legislation outlawing the promotion of homosexuality.

In an interview for the BBC, Culture Secretary Maria Miller said it was the "right thing to do".

Additional money will be given to protest groups such as Stonewall.

The move comes just a week before the start of the Winter Olympics in the Russian City of Sochi.

The sporting showpiece has already been dogged by concerns over freedom of speech and security.

"It's very important indeed we use the opportunity of the Winter Games to underline the importance of treating people fairly, which is at the heart of the Olympic charter and important to the Olympic movement," said Mrs Miller.

"As a result of the changes in the laws in Russia, there are considerable strains on gay rights.

"We are already putting in place additional support to make sure that gay rights organisations have got the sort of support and expertise that I think can make a real difference with the work they are doing on the ground in Russia."

How good of Maria Miller to go public on this wonderful gesture.*

Even though by doing so she'll only play into the hands of Putin and anti-gay politicians and religious leaders, who have fostered the idea that gay rights and homosexuality are foreign infections being foisted on Russia by the West - and thus she could make life even more difficult for LGBT camapigners there.

Truly, who could now doubt the compassion of the caring Conservatives who are committing a vicious class war against ordinary people - straight and gay - in the UK?

And for our next trick we'll kindly take in three refugees from Syria.

So brave!

* All of this from Miller appears to have slipped out during an interview, so be prepared for clarification/reverse-ferret.

PS A group of her fellow gay and human rights-loving Tory MPs have added an amendment to the Immigration Bill which would stop anyone with HIV from entering the country. The bill goes before the Commons today.


  1. Homosexuality is not, but gay rights are in fact "foreign infections."

  2. Whereas you are dedicated to PLAYING GAMES of class warfare at the expense of LGBT people globally

    1. Don't you wonder why the right is suddenly so concerned about LGBT rights in Russia?

  3. First time I have read anything that makes sense on this blog.

  4. Jesus your (few) critics really are branidead morons (or right-wing cunts), Fabgurn.

    1. With your ability to put forward such a witty, compelling argument, I'm surprised you need this blog as a platform.

  5. How about we just throw all the Russians out of Britain? Especially those rich ones buying up all the houses.