Saturday, 4 January 2014

Tom & Dustin: Together At Last!

Tonight friends, a little bit of gay history has been made!
Our Tom posted this - the first official photo of him and Lance - on his Instagram thing just a bit ago.
The gay Twittersphere has gone into meltdown.
Like JFK's assassination, the Moon Landing or Nelson Mandela walking free from prison, people will always remember where they were when they heard this news.
Will we ever be the same again?
Won't last grumble grumble mutter etc etc...

Update: Then they went onto G-A-Y at Heaven, a popular homosexual haunt!
Here you can see them "cuddle up in the dark".
Just like people!


  1. How much work has Dustin had done???
    This can only lead to Splash! ratings drops, failure at the Olympics, Dustin moving on in a few months time and Tom getting fat, old and ugly.
    Still, I wish them well...

    1. I don't think he has had any work done.
      You can still look young and gorgeous after 30, you know...

    2. If only they'd stretched the left side up as much as the right, his eyes would be level.
      Still, I wish them well and hope he doesn't die in some horrific car accident or a plane crash or something...

  2. I can't believe they passed up the opportunity to go on a night out with Gemma Collins

  3. i love how the older cow,who's been put out to graze can enjoy what looks like a gin or vodka martini,while the younger one who's still in the traps is having a glass of 7up.

    1. Maybe he just doesn't like to drink in front of Daddy?