Monday, 24 February 2014

After Sochi: Where Next?

Arizona's just legalised anti-gay discrimination - mass arrests of protesters.
Gay marriage is still illegal in 34 states.
8 States have laws outlawing giving 'gay propaganda' to minors.
Gay men are still being arrested for 'crimes against nature'.
Gay adoption banned.
It's legal to sack a worker for being gay in most states. 
Chelsea Manning imprisoned for life.
Gay teen suicides seem to never end.
Queerbashing in New York is on the rise.
The Westboro Baptist Church won't shut up.
The Republican Party is in hock to anti-gay Evangelists.
Radio talk shows are dominated by homophobic scum.
We must make a stand.



  1. In which regions of Russia is gay marriage legal? How many of Russia's TV programmes have positive, sympathetic portrayals of LGBT people? Why hasn't Ellen de Generes been sacked like Anton Krasovsky? How many Americans are actually prosecuted under laws that ban gay propaganda? Where are all the pictures of gay men in skimpy speedos dancing through Russian cities in Pride Parades?

    Of course America is not some gay paradise where LGBT people are universally accepted. No country is. But trying to pretend that being gay in America is anything like being gay in Russia is ridiculous. This blog is as risible as anything that you attack.

  2. I'm not saying they are alike, just wondering why one has become such a focus...