Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bernie Ecclestone: Support In Strange Places

Fake outrage from the apolitical idiots at Gay Star News - seemingly oblivious to the fact this is quite a mainstream view in the UK.
And one still shared by many, if not most Tory MPs.
In 2003, Conservative MPs voted against the repeal of Section 28 by three to one.


  1. When people criticised those Tory MPs in 2003, were you among them or were you carping about 'fake outrage' and offering the excuse that they were just articulating a mainstream UK view'?

    You are full of shit.

  2. Of course I was criticising them.
    I came to journalism through the anti-Section 28 campaign...

  3. And the same excuse that opposition to homsexuality is 'quite a mainstream view in the UK' - was offered by such MPs at the time - when you opposed it. Why are you now endorsing that same excuse when Ecclestone uses it in support of Putin's equivalent (rather worse, in fact) of Section 28?

    You have no moral consistency at all.

    1. Sorry, you've completely missed the point.
      How did I endorse anything?

  4. Here:

    "Fake outrage from the apolitical idiots at Gay Star News - seemingly oblivious to the fact this is quite a mainstream view in the UK. And one still shared by many, if not most Tory MPs."

    Was your opposition to Section 28 'fake outrage' because support for it was "quite a mainstream view in the UK" at the time? Were you being a 'political idiot'.

    It's always different when it's you, isn't it, Richard? When other gay people ogle over teenagers they're shallow and cliched; when they try to out people they are being mean. But when you do it, it's fine.

    You set yourself up in oppostion to mainstream gay culture and yet when you are not moaning about other gay people you are mostly doing exactly what you criticise them for. There is very little on your site that is constructive, informative stuff about 'your actual gay culture' (there re occasional instances in between the long bouts of bile). If you led by positive example rather than frequently imitating what you deplore in others, that would be a good thing.

    A suggestion - more substantial stuff on gay people and aspects of gay culture that you actually like, less snide one-liners and jeering at other gay people, especially when they are trying to do something positive, however small, like Will Young talking about homophobic bullying. Yes, his music is crap and he is not making a terribly original point, but it is still the right point. He will probably have made a small positive difference to the attitudes of some teenagers to homophobic bullying. Your jeering at him being posh will have achieved zero for gay teenagers. You don't have to enthuse about such people, just stop your relentless diminishing of them.

    Most of what you write could have come out of a Richard Littlejohn column. You seem to be incredibly bitter about the LGBT community, perhaps because you identify it with an LGBT media that you don't like, although you were once part of it.

    That is perhaps part of the problem with willingly staying in a small pond - 'gay culture', 'actual' or otherwise. You won't go in through the front door, which is fine, but nor can you stop hanging around the house, throwing little stones at the unbreakable, soundproof windows like a resentful teenager. Surely you could do something more constructive.

    I dare say this will just get another dismissive one-liner about how I've missed the point; still I hope you will think on some of the above.

  5. Sorry, been out all day.

    Interesting points.

    Will reply later.

    Tthank you.