Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bummr: It's The Sexchi Olympics!!!

A new gay dating app, Bummr, has gone into meltdown at Sochi, according to a press release, Fagburn can exclusively reveal.
Yes, all those sexy winter athlete dudes are gagging for it!
Over a million horny sportsmen in Sochi have downloaded the brilliant, easy-to-use and very popular new Bummr app, who coincidentally are one of our our new advertisers.
Heinz Van Snagglepuff III, Bummr’s VP of Marketing told Fagburn; "It may be winter but things are clearly hotting up in Sochi! Bummr is quite literally melting the ice!"
This in-no-way made-up story shows President Putin that the gays are here, there and gullible - and always looking for cock, perhaps even with someone as downright fugly as you!
It's not like some gay media will slavishly reprint any old PR nonsense - sometimes they don't even need to be paid.

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