Sunday, 16 February 2014

Danny Dyer: Legend!

The Real Football Factories (2006) The first in a series of documentaries Dyer made about football hooligans in England and abroad

"Nick [Love, director of The Football Factory] resented it and asked why I was doing it. I said, 'Money. That's why I'm doing it. Do you think I give a fuck about hooligans? You think I want to run around the fucking world - Brazil, Poland - standing under archways, waiting for balaclava'd fat cunts? No, but I'm getting paid £200,000 for six weeks' work and it's bought me a house!"

"In a way it was a sell-out. I gave away 'me'. Tom Hardy isn't going to do that, Fassbender isn't going to do that."

From The Films Of Danny Dyer by Jonathan Sothcott and James Mullinge.

Fagburn loves Danny. x

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  1. This comes as no surprise. Danny is the epitome of a macho, straight man and such a contrast to all those tiresome queers that fagburn loves to criticise. I'd have described him as a hard man, if I hadn't been fearful it would have given you a week's wank material.