Thursday, 27 February 2014

David Aaronovitch: If I Were Gay

A sub-header exposes the rather small flaw in David Aaronovitch's argument in his article in The Times.


But then David thinks beastly 'backwards' foreign types can be 'civilised' by US and UK bombs.

Still I bet they enjoy having an arrogant straight white Orientalist westerner like Mr Aaronovitch telling them what he thinks is best for them.

PS Loving that If I were gay... 30-day trial only £1 juxtapostion. 


  1. I went to a debate featuring David Aaronovitch last night. Left before he spoke. Yeah.

  2. The BBC News Channel has broadcast an interview with one of the Ugandans named in the Redpepper newspaper's list of 200 gays. He said international pressure was "very helpful".

    I expect he is enjoying having an arrogant, gay, white westerner like Fagburn telling everyone that the West should keep quiet and leave LGBT Ugandans to fight their own battles.

  3. Aaronovitch is also a fat cunt.