Wednesday, 19 February 2014

David Miranda: In The Interests Of National Security

The nine-hour detention at Heathrow Airport of an ex-Guardian journalist's partner has been ruled lawful.

David Miranda lives with reporter Glenn Greenwald who has written articles about state surveillance based on leaked documents.

At the High Court, Mr Miranda claimed his detention under anti-terrorism laws was unlawful and breached human rights.

But judges said it was a "proportionate measure in the circumstances" and in the interests of national security.

In his judgement, Lord Justice Laws, sitting with Mr Justice Ouseley and Mr Justice Openshaw, said: "Its objective was not only legitimate, but very pressing."

The truth won't set you free, it'll get you detained.

Glenn Greenwald and Michael Albert discuss the difficulties of doing good journalism within the confines of mainstream media, secrecy and corporations and Greenwald’s new media project, The Intercept.

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