Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dennis Nilsen: But Seriously...

The London flat where serial killer Dennis Nilsen murdered and dismembered three victims is being sold by its new owner for a £100,000 profit.

Necrophile Nilsen had already murdered 12 men, most homeless homosexuals, when he moved to the Muswell Hill attic conversion in 1981.

It is believed he butchered at least three more at 23D Cranley Gardens, using his cooker to boil the skin off body parts which he hid in cupboards and under the floorboards. He was caught because of the stench of human flesh clogging up his drains...

Agents Day Morris and Barnard Marcus are marketing the flat but with no mention of its history. Richard Evans, from Day Morris, said he had not known he was selling Nilsen’s former home, adding: “In that case I've under-priced it. No, but seriously, we were unaware. I don’t see the importance of it — something that happened 25, 30 years ago.”

He called it a “very sweet” property: “It is a very nice top-floor flat with glorious views. It is ideal for one person.”

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