Sunday, 2 February 2014

Film: All Things Are Possible

The Independent. 

A great piece by Paris Lees - which thinks about and asks why this doesn't happen, though the header makes it sound like it's going to be another 'Only A can play A!' foot-stamping whine.
Far from it...

Friends in casting tell me their first choice is to cast trans people in trans roles nowadays. What a shame we don’t have more established trans actors, or at least none on which Hollywood would gamble a big-budget film’s success. Until we encourage acting talent from diverse sources, that seems unlikely to change any time soon. So yes, watch Dallas Buyers Club and by all means enjoy it, but, when Leto’s on screen, keep an eyebrow raised.


  1. I know she's not saying this, but I do fucking hate the usual whine of why can't openly gay actors play gay roles.
    They don't want to see actors acting, they want to see types.
    The logical extension of their argument is that if gay actors should play gay roles then straight actors should play straight roles.
    They're painting gay actors back into a ghetto.

  2. There is a fairly logical extension to this here discussion...

    1. Which is?
      Remember I is fick... :(

    2. Oh fuck off. What a load of shit.
      We may all be acting, but being an actor is a different thing entirely.