Saturday, 15 February 2014

For Russia With Love: For Peter Tatchell With Lush

Peter Tatchell held another pointless self-serving protest yesterday.
Mr Tatchell, 78 but with washboard abs, who has recently confessed to being 'semi-delusional', has now emailed the gay media some photos of his fantastic and ever so modest self.
No-one turned up - apart from some people from something called Lush, who were trying to sell some over-priced bathroom nonsense to The Gays.
Lush are using the pink triangle gay men had to wear in Nazi concentration camps as a fun PR idea!
They bravely held up some placards that made Putin look a bit poofy.
Well done Saint Peter - Solidarity!
Fight the power!


  1. How silly! He's in front of the Russian consular office. I wonder if he knew that the Russian embassy was actually around the corner and a few doors down? Looks like he was there after the consular office was closed, otherwise he would have had to face the large crowd of Russian citizens who are usually waiting outside to have their Russian documents renewed, and visa applicants.