Graham Norton has lashed the national broadcaster RTÉ for its stance on the homophobia controversy.

Speaking to Hot Press, in an exclusive interview, to be published in the magazine on Thursday, February 20, the Irish-born BBC chat show king talks frankly about the recent Saturday Night Show 'homophobia' controversy, berates RTÉ for settling out of court...

"I'm not registered to vote in Ireland but I do pay the licence fee there and I'm fucking furious that some of my money has gone to these idiots," he asserts. "RTÉ settling wasn't gutless, it was absolutely moronic!"

Norton expresses his disappointment that gay marriage opponents here decided to go the legal route rather than examining why they might be accused - rightly or wrongly - of homophobia...

"This tiny minority can yell all they want, but it's over. It's all done. The Iona Institute, and people like that, are like rats trapped in the corner of a barn. They know the jig is up. That's why they're screaming so loud."

Hot Press.

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