Monday, 3 February 2014

Letter Of The Day: Edna Welthorpe (Mrs)?

I TOTALLY agree with the letter (TV's emphasis on gay themes is relentless Bristol Post January 23) highlighting the excessive attention given to gay/lesbian issues on TV programmes.
I'm quite sure the silent majority of the British public do not want to see this content on a nightly basis.
I'm proud to say I'm in the "No" camp on this matter.
It's about time the Government regulated the broadcasters more stringently.
Of course, this is unlikely to happen, as invariably when the issue raises its head; the politicians will fudge the issue to avoid losing the "Pink Vote".
The broadcasters themselves, striving to appear politically correct, will continue to appease the gay minority.
There are those who say these shows are only depicting everyday life as it is, but I don't buy into that. For myself, I hardly ever come across members of the gay community in my daily life.
The public deserve much more family oriented shows, such as "Strictly Come Dancing".
I may not be the lightest on my feet anymore, but watching others perform gives me no end of pleasure.
I very much doubt that George Ferguson will comment on this matter as those abominable red trousers he wears are obviously a blatant attempt to woo gay voters.
Name and address supplied

Bristol Post. 


PS Pink News nicked this and ran it without realising it's a piss-take!

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