Saturday, 22 February 2014

Liberty: Now And Then

"We are willing enough to praise freedom when she is safely tucked away in the past and cannot be a nuisance.
"In the present, amidst dangers whose outcome we cannot foresee, we get nervous about her, and admit censorship."

EM Forster, the first president of the Council For Civil Liberties.

The Guardian marks the 80th anniversary of Liberty by asking 'Edward Snowden and top writers what freedom means to them'.

PS The Daily Mail is celebrating Liberty's decades of good work by running a series of stories such as this; The Labour elite who gave succour to paedophiles.
As are the Telegraph.

Great stuff guys!

Edit: In The Sunday Times Rod Liddle wonders why this hasn't been 'in the news[sic].
A leftist conspiracy?
Even though it's been covered by Rod, them above and in today's Observer!
It's not been in the news much as it's not actually 'news' - it's an old and distinctly tenuous story dredged up by the Mail to smear Labour and Liberty.

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