Saturday, 22 February 2014

Michael Lucas: Campaign Of Hate

Porn magnate and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights activist Michael Lucas is dead set on showing the world just how terrible it is to be gay in his native country.

"I want to bring attention to what is happening in Russia and I want the conversation to last longer than the span of the [Sochi] Olympics," the Moscow-born Lucas, CEO and founder of New York's largest gay adult film company, Lucas Entertainment, told The Huffington Post via email this week. "There was a lot of attention prior to the games, and that attention must continue. The world has seen bits and pieces, but we don't have the full picture of what the LGBT community in Russia is like, and what it is going through."

Hoping to fill this void, the 41-year-old porn star -- who in his early 20s fled Russia for Germany, where his porn career began -- went to Moscow last year to film a documentary about the country's abysmal gay rights record and its maligned LGBT community.

Last week he released a powerful trailer for the upcoming film, "Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda."

Huff Post Gay. 

Again, ask why this issue is obsessing the American Homocon/Neocon gay right?

Love Israel, hate Russia... etc etc.

PS Here's another ever-so patriotic gay American, AmericaBLOG's Michael Aravosis, making money out of anti-Russian 'protest'.
Unsurprisingly, some money goes to his fellow phoneys at Queer Nation NY...

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  1. I went to Guide Star's website to look for an entry on Queer Nation NY. Surprise, surprise - nothing there! Apparently they haven't filed any tax forms with the IRS. Not even the 990 form.

    From Guide Star:

    "Form 990 is an annual reporting return that certain federally tax-exempt organizations must file with the IRS. It provides information on the filing organization's mission, programs, and finances."

    Which makes me wonder where that money is really going to.