Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nick Cohen: The Appliance Of Science

'I am not qualified to comment on the science...'

You can say that again.

I defy anyone to find one paragraph herein that makes sense (Cash prize £25).

Record-breaking baffling bollocksia from bomb-boy Nick.

Gay people may well be 'genetic aberrations' - we are probably just a freaking freak of nature - so what?


  1. Maybe LIFE is a freak of nature.
    *philosophical face*

  2. Aborting "gay" fetuses is the only sensible way to fight "homophobia."

    No gay people = no "homophobia" = no need for "gay rights."

  3. We are different. People can't deal with that. Who cares.

  4. I've long suspected there is a gene that makes some people predisposed to writing incoherent columns in newspapers