Sunday, 23 February 2014

Paul Flowers: Gay Man Has Facebook Profile, Likes Gay Stuff Shock!

The Methodist minister has yet to ­apologise to his ­congregation for his headline-grabbing antics.

Flowers, 63, is currently suspended from the two churches he looks after in Bradford, West Yorks.

But now he has caused further upset among ­parishioners by bookmarking dozens of ­erotic pages dedicated to gay men on the ­social networking site.

Among his “likes” are Manly Men, Hot Sport Guys, Bear Magazine, XXL and Grab Mag.

Many of the pages contain pictures of male models in their underwear or ­cavorting with ­other men.

He also posted a banner saying: “Let’s get one thing straight. I’m not.”

Last night a ­parishioner said: “It is like he is just trying to shock for the sake of it.

“It is one thing looking at sleazy websites – whether they are for gay or straight people – in private but for him to be so open about it on his Facebook page is a little sad.

“It is almost like he has no thought for the people who worship at his churches.”

Daily Star.

If it's Sunday it must be time for another puny tabloid story about Paul Flowers!
Risible and hopeless attempt at 'investigative journalism' and mock outrage over nothing.
At the time of typing Paul's Facebook page is still up - though he doesn't appear to have been on it this year.
Fagburn has, but of course, sent this poor bugger a friend request.

Edit: Mr Flowers has accepted me as a Facebook friend - DAY MADE!

More Flowers-bashing in - surprise - the Mail On Sunday, masquerading as a business interview with Euan Sutherland, the new CEO of the Co-operative Group.
Apart from donations to the Labour Party, practically nothing else is mentioned apart from the 'Crystal Methodist' scandal.

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