Sunday, 2 February 2014

Peter Tatchell: Apart From Russia Not Being Anything Like Nazi Germany It's Just Like Nazi Germany!

Peter Tatchell compared the Sochi Games with the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. "The 1936 Olympics took place in an atmosphere of antisemitic hatred incited by the Nazi government. The 2014 Sochi Olympics echo that hatred, only this time the victims of demonisation are LGBT people. There are no Nuremberg laws or concentration camps, but the hateful anti-gay propaganda is similar to the antisemitism stirred by the Nazis in the early 1930s. How can there be normal sporting relations with an abnormal regime like Putin's Russia?"

Gay comedy gold!
You really could not make it up.
Good job they asked Saint Peter about this, cause obviously no other gay person knows more about sport or Russia.
Like a Russian or someone involved with sport, for example.
This comes from this article...

That'll be the Russian anti-gay gangs who notoriously film all their attacks and then post them online, then. 
Beats working.

PS One of my many legions of fans on Pink News writes...

That told her!

UND Another of our leading political thinkers adds!

Fight the power!!!


  1. Peter Tatchell is off the wall virulent. People really lend credence to his views?

  2. I expect Tom Daley was out and John Curry is dead, so there aren't that many gay people knowledgeable about sport around. Sadly, I fear that however much you attack Saint Peter, the Observer will never come a calling on you, however hard that is for you to bear.