Sunday, 23 February 2014

Queerty: Had Us Fooled!

Another day, another hoax. Every now and then a story comes along that gets everyone all fired up: A waitress receives a homophobic note in place of a tip; a president’s grandson comes out via Twitter; a lesbian claims she was denied hospital visitation rights. We go crazy, only to find later that we’ve been had. It was all a hoax.

There have been a number of gay hoaxes in the past year, and two this month alone. What’s up with this growing trend? And how many times will people cry wolf before we stop believing them?


How many times, indeed?
But these are just some of the many, many totally made-up stories the gay media has fallen for recently.
Here are some of Fagburn's favourites.
Maybe in future you dudes could actually try checking things you read on the internet?
You know, try to be a journalist, not a credulous fool.
Just a thought.

1 comment:

  1. None of these sites are about journalism, they're about ad revenue and therefore clicks are the only important thing.
    They google for something, anything to post and post it as quickly as possible so they can go back to googling for more shit to post - the more they post the more clicks they get and the more revenue comes in.
    That's it. Journalism doesn't even come into it.
    I doubt any of them know nor care about proper journalism and its value.