Monday, 17 February 2014

Russia: Another Mad Vlad

'Sono a Sochi! Saluti con i colori della rainbow, alla faccia di Putin!'

A prominent Italian gay rights campaigner, former MP, self-publicist and a well-known delusional fanatasist has told the world's media she has been arrested in Sochi while watching the Winter Olympics with a banner reading "Gay Is Ok" in Russian.

Vladimir Luxuria, a television personality and actor - I repeat, she is an ACTOR - who briefly became Europe's first openly transgender parliamentarian when she was elected to the Italian chamber of deputies, reportedly called the heads of two gay rights organisations in Rome to say she had been detained on Sunday by Russian police.

After not being arrested, she was released without charge.

As this allegedly happened in Russia, we feel no need to check if it is true.

Odd how in the world of smartphones no-one filmed or took a photo of this.

Italian gay Gay Star News readers are impressed by their coverage.

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