Monday, 17 February 2014

Russia: Gay Magazine Publishes Article That's Not Completely Hysterical Ill-informed Nonsense Shock!

Zach: “Most of the people in this country are probably secretly tolerant toward gay people. But they don’t want a parade — gay people don’t want a parade and straight people don’t want a parade. A small group of people have hijacked the LGBT movement, and it’s all ego-driven. Things change quickly in this country, and they are extremely rational, but things don’t get done here by having a parade.”

Vince: “You have a gay bar that is relatively openly gay just outside the Kremlin... That’s activism.”

Zach: “Russia is really good at enacting laws, but the people just do whatever they want. This country is lawless. There is a disconnect between society and politics. The propaganda law is disgraceful in what it represents, but the practical effect is still yet to be seen.”

Mark: “Gay people have it so much worse in other parts of the world, but because Russia is a white country and we think we have white people figured out — how they’re supposed to behave — we put European standards on them that simply don’t apply. If you scratch the surface here, it’s way more like China than Europe.”

Vince: “And there’s this huge rebirth of the Orthodox church here. I fucking hate it. This is used as justification for a lot of these laws.”

Paul: “That’s the whole hypocrisy of Russia. Religion was fucking banned, the most beautiful churches in this country were warehouses, left to fucking rot, and all of a sudden there’s this fucking rise of religion.”

Zach: “If you don’t have a doctrine to subscribe to as a national identity, you have to create it. And if you wipe out 70 years of Soviet history, you need to go before then. You say, ‘What were we before this?’”

Mark: “This is a country that is 96% Russian Orthodox and 100% atheist.”

Zach: “The thing that’s great about Russia, the reason we’re all here, is that it’s fucking fun. It’s crazy, it’s exciting, Russian people are off-the-wall. They’re great and they’re smart.”

From a thoughtful long essay in The Advocate by Chadwick Moore.

A Western journalist bothered to ask what gay Russians think!

Will wonders never cease?

Yet when the Olympics come there will be, inevitably, some activist waving a rainbow flag on camera. The West will cheer and pat itself on the back, while the whole of Russia will say, ‘What a nice flag. I wonder what it means?’

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