Sunday, 2 February 2014

Russia: Kiss Off

This week in Sochi, every celebratory same-sex kiss on the winners' podium, every one-man or -woman protest*, every rainbow flag waved and pro-gay rights slogan displayed is a gesture of solidarity for those desperately under siege in Russia. Such signals will also act as a timely reminder for the global audience of the Winter Olympics of the international pledge, that: "All human beings are born equal in dignity and rights."


To be fair, apart from the twee headline and conclusion, this is quite a reasoned and - rarely - non-hysterical piece.
Do I detect the authorship of one Ben Summerskill?
It does big-up Stonewall a bit...

* Eh? Think a sub may have fucked that line to buggery.


  1. I wouldn't have thought two people snogging on the podium was that dignified.

  2. "every one-man or -woman protest"

    What's wrong with it? Nice to see someone alert to how hyphens should be used.