Friday, 21 February 2014

Sochi: An American Right-Wing Gaylord Writes

Under the invisible camera, my husband and I were forced to think twice before showing affection. Would a squeeze of his arm - combined with my hat that read HUMAN RIGHTS FIRST SOCHI EQUALITY - be interpreted as propaganda? Oh, and in Russia, asking for a single bed in a hotel is most definitely a thing. Did that clerk just raise his eyebrows? Maybe he set off an alarm that rings in the Kremlin!

Bit of a classic this one - after spending five (5) days at Sochi, Mr Gaylord now considers himself an expert on Russia.

He works for a group called Human Rights First.

Motto: American Ideals, Universal Values.

Shall we have a look at their website?


Why is The Guardian printing this junk?

PS If you ever want to show someone why the American far-right love banging on about gay rights in Russia, this inasane recent article from the 'Freedom Centre's' Frontpage Magazine - which claims that The Guardian, "the British left's flagship daily", is an apologist for Putin - is something of a classic of its kind.

Exactly what’s going on here? In the last few days, reading these and other peculiarly docile pieces in various left-leaning Western media – media which, until recently, could be fairly described as having been on the warpath over Putin’s assault on gays – one wondered whether some of that good old-fashioned Soviet-era Western-progressive “understanding” of Kremlin brutality had, all these years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, finally kicked back into gear. No, Russia is no longer officially Communist – but under Putin it’s close enough, perhaps, to set off the old acceptance, among leftist journalists and gay-left activists alike, of the need to break a few eggs to make an omelet...

Erm, I'm pretty sure The Guardian has only published one article questioning the current climate of hysteria.

Gay Star News: Take that Putin!

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