Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Independent: Media Visual Gay Cliché Watch

The Independent.

Not just two disembodied hands - for we can not dare to show gay mens' faces... for their mortal shame - but BEHOLD! behind there is a rainbow flag.

PS Apart from that, quite a good piece, sir.


  1. I don't get this fear about aborting gay fetuses, who cares?

  2. The only sane response to the question whether 'it' is due to nature or nurture is, "But it doesn't matter either way."
    Yet given the power of those who screech, "It's a choice," I suppose something like this is useful. There is a minister of religion in Scotland (who used to have some sort of chaplaincy jon in relation to prisons) who sometimes posts and writes letters to the effect that there is no 'gay gene' and that sincere prayer can bring about a change, etc. If he's undermined, all well and good...

    1. It matters to me. I didn't choose to be gay, I would be straight if I could.

  3. This fear of finding out what makes us gay smacks of self loathing and fear. Scared of what they'll find?

  4. No. What could they find that would frighten me? Whatever causes it is what causes it,l end of story, just as what causes pretty sunsets is what causes pretty sunsets. But, given that in some quarters I suppose the "It's a choice" brigade might even get to influence public policy, then evidence to the contrary is, from that point of view, useful.