Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Spectator: Putin's Secret Plan

Now, after two decades in the economic basket, Russia is decisively back as an ideological force in the world — this time as a champion of conservative values. In his annual state of the nation speech to Russia’s parliament in December, Vladimir Putin assured conservatives around the world that Russia was ready and willing to stand up for ‘family values’ against a tide of liberal, western, pro-gay propaganda ‘that asks us to accept without question the equality of good and evil’. Russia, he promised, will ‘defend traditional values that have made up the spiritual and moral foundation of civilisation in every nation for thousands of years’. Crucially, Putin made it clear that his message was directed not only at Russians — who have already been protected from ‘promotion of non-traditional relationships’ by recent legislation — but for ‘more and more people across the world who support our position’.

He's on to something...

A pot pourri of conspiracy theory, conjecture, nonsense and non sequiturs in that noted champion of gay rights, The Spectator.
Luckily there are no right-wing New Cold Warriors in the West that ab/use the LGBT community as a soft power play.
Like by cherry-picking which countries to criticise and demonise over how they treat gay people, for example. 

This issue also contains an unwittingly hilarious article by Julie Burchill about 'intersectionality' and being accused of transphobia, which after spewing bile and insults in all directions like Regan in The Exorcist, concludes...

Here’s hoping that the in-fighting in-crowd of intersectionality disappear up their own intersection really soon, so the rest of us can resume creating a tolerant and united socialism.


Update: Paris Lees replies to La Burchill. 

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