Thursday, 20 February 2014

Thought For The Day: Jim Davidson

"[Black comic Matt Blaize] said, ‘If you were to cure Aids and feed starving Africa, save the world from malaria, you would still be a homophobic racist to most people.’ ”

Straight after telling me this, he turns to his notorious appearance on the reality show Hell’s Kitchen in 2007, in which he asked fellow contestant Brian Dowling, who is gay: “Why do you shirt lifters all have a certain look?”

“Yes. He seemed to take no offence whatsoever and then later on after we’d had a drink an argument broke out but not about that. It was about money and it was edited to look as if it was about that. ‘Shirt lifter’ is not a nice word I have since found out. Gay friends of mine explained that it conjures up people fiddling about and I didn’t realise that, I really didn’t.

"Words come in and out of fashion. You know, you can’t call women birds. But you can call French people frogs. They are all just words. It gets a bit mad. But I am not an old-style comedian. When I was old-style it was because it was the fashion to be so, but you can’t go through life trying to please Janet Street-Cleaner or whatever her name is.” He waits for me to laugh and I do...

Jim Davidson interviewed by the Daily Telegraph.

Best question: 'What about giving his third wife, Alison Holloway, a black eye?'

PS Jim tells the Daily Record gay marriage is "very good". God, he must get bored with being asked about The Gays every interview. 

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