Saturday, 22 February 2014

Thought For The Day: Rufus Wainwright

“For all the time spent writing songs, I sometimes wish I’d spent at least a quarter of that playing sports or climbing mountains, developing more of a physique. Being a gay man and hitting 40, I’ve woken up immediately to the fact of, ‘oh my God, I’m no longer this fresh-faced blushing rose’. And now I gotta get steroids!”

Rufus Wainwright profiled (badly) in The Independent.
He is currently whoring his new Best Of... album, Vibrate.
Here is an "interactive sampler".

Rufus is also doing What I See In The Mirror in Guardian Weekend...

People who wrestle with megalomania, as I do, see two people in the mirror. Depending on the day, I see myself as a 17-year-old supermodel mixed with a bit of Beethoven genius, or a disgusting 65-year-old dilettante with delusions of grandeur. Of course, in reality, I am somewhere in the middle.

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