Monday, 31 March 2014

Daily Telegraph: Sir

SIR – To paint the Mona Lisa required Leonardo and his subject, Lisa Gherardini. If his studio had held two artists, or two Lisas, the crowd in the Louvre would have a blank wall to look at. Marriage is about a couple complementing each other in every way, not just in mutual satisfaction. It exists that we might be fruitful.

As a lifelong scientist, I fail to see how gay marriage can ever fulfil its name. Even in an age that widely wants to believe the opposite, I am evidently far from alone. I never will be; and science, like common sense, operates by logic, not prejudice.

George B Hill
Sandbach, Cheshire


  1. Not exactly a Turing standard of logic there. In fact no logic at all, just the prejudice that marriage is about "complementing each other" as if humans are jigsaw pieces; one with a sticky out bit and one with an inward bit. As a lifelong scientist, he ought to realise that life is more complicated than that.

  2. As a scientist, he sounds stupid.