Friday, 28 March 2014

Marriage: You (Still) Need Hands

The poll of 1,007 (presumably straight) people showed one in five British adults would not go to a gay wedding if invited – out of protest. The survey by BBC Radio 5 live also found men were nearly twice as likely to stay away as women.

Well, bully for them. There are probably millions of reasons why some Britons won't go to a gay wedding if invited: they could feel out of their comfort zone; they wouldn't know what to expect; they may cite religious reasons – and the most childish of all, straight men may worry that being surrounded by a bunch of gay men, drinking and having fun, could end up with lots of unsolicited 'offers' coming their way.

Or it may just be plain homophobia and bigotry.


A much-loved classic from the gaymarriage stock photo library, here.

Strange, the Torygraph's vehement opposition to the Same-sex Marriage Bill seems to have fallen down an Orwellian memory hole.


  1. Yes, but you have to give the Telegraph a tiny bit of credit for highlighting the BBC's continued opposition to it.

    1. Surely, you have noticed the BBC's campaign to woo the right wing fruitcakes? Yesterday's report on the six o'clock news about gay marriage could have been written by dusty colonels in Tunbridge Wells, who used to love the Telegraph before it forgot that it opposed the gays.