Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Max Clifford: Gay Voice

Setting out his case for the defence, barrister Richard Horwell QC cast doubt on evidence given so far, saying "details" had "caught out" the prosecution witnesses.

In particular, he said they had given "contradictory" evidence relating to the size of Mr Clifford's penis.

He said evidence from the seven accusers about its size ranged from "freakishly small" to "enormous" and, as such, none could be relied upon.

"None of these four witnesses is correct," said Mr Horwell. "That's because Mr Clifford has an average-sized penis. That will be his evidence."

Asked about its size, Mr Clifford said it was "average".


During his evidence, Mr Clifford also denied claims he had impersonated Hollywood directors and producers such as Michael Winner, Cubby Broccoli and Charles Bronson on the phone.

He said he sometimes used fake identities because it was a way of "checking people out and getting to the truth".

But he said he could only do a "gay voice".

Several of his accusers have said they received calls from a man with an effeminate voice urging them to contact Max Clifford.

But he has denied making those calls or using the names given by the male caller to the witnesses.

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