Monday, 31 March 2014

Study: Marriage By Gay Men Is Often To Mask Self-Esteem Issues

A study by the London School of Hyperbole and Hysterical Nonsense shows many gay and bisexual men use marriage in order to mask self-esteem or self-confidence issues.

Even though studies don't actually 'show' anything really, apart from the researcher's bias.

It is the first qualitative research in the UK into “gaymarriage”, or marriage under the influence of gayness.

Lead author Dr Adam Bore from Project Smegma said: “A vulnerable section of society is using marriage in new ways that is putting them at serious risk.

“Although our study shows that gaymarriage is uncommon overall, there is a need for specialist support for men who have thought about it.

"Like us."

Researchers analysed survey data from 12 gay and bisexual men in Soho and Islington conducted in-depth interviews with 3 gay men from the area.

The authors note that the visibility of gay marriage in the media may be normalising it. 

Sometimes they do it in buildings, researchers have also found.

Fagburn could not literally be arsed to check any of its so-called 'findings'.

The report concludes; 'If we say this is a problem - nay, a veritable rainbow atomic bomb gay tidal wave waiting to happen - can we have some more funding please?'

With apologies to Pink News.

But maybe some dudes get gaymarried just cause they want to - like when they have sex on drugs or have EVIL DEADLY CHEMSEX!!! - and there's no need to problematise or pathologise it?

And maybe we should all calm down a bit?


  1. There is a lot of wrong-headed thinking about this subject; the problem is that people place more value upon sexuality than actual gender when in fact a gay man will usually have more in common with a heterosexual man than he does a woman.
    So, fagburn, how many MEN (apologies for capitals but no bold function) do you know-gay or heterosexual- who are that into the sexually monogamous version of marriage we have in the UK? Or do straight men do it because the missus requires it?

    The idea that gay men trying to fit into an essentially heterosexual model of relationships may be damaging to them is not without merit.

  2. Anonymous, are you Shirley Williams? That's sort of what she said when opposing ss marriage in the Lords.

    In constructing theories of human behaviour there is a long history of positing a certain fundamental motive and then exhibiting everything else in terms of its working out. Thus we have psychological egoists, claiming that all behaviour is motivated by self-interest; popular Freud (not necessarily the real Freud) claiming that all behaviour is sexually motivated, even that of your Auntie serving Meals on Wheels; thicko sociobiologists claiming that whatever we do, the ultimate motive is to propagate our genes; Hobbesians claiming that we are always motivated by the search for power; lumpen Marxists claiming our motives are always economic; and now, the darling of those who have been on a counselling course lasting a whole three evenings, the claim that our fundamental motive is the search for self-esteem and that bad behaviour is always due to lack of it. And, of course, the facts can always be made to fit the posited motive, just as the facts can always be twisted to fit your horoscope in the paper. I remember a 'study' claiming that the higher proportion of fatherless families among black people was due to black men lacking self-esteem and so not feeling up to the responsibility of caring for the toddlers.

  3. I'm not Shirley Williams.

    This is just my point of view on the subject; there's no way of finding out whether I'm right or wrong until a few years down the line.

    I do, however, think that there will now be an expectation for gay men to fit in with norms of heterosexual behaviour-monogamy (or at least pretend monogamy) as they've been given 'marriage'. Have you noticed how none of those guys getting married were sexual? They were all like asexual drones.Totally without any sex whatsoever. Wholly sanitised.

    None of this is moral judgement, just a cool assessment of how I see things turning out.

    1. "Have you noticed how none of those guys getting married were sexual?"

      How could you possibly know? Just because they don't fulfil one particular (your?) fantasy image of a sexually active man...

      "Nice young men who sell antiques do it..."