Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Sun: Man Has Sex Shock!

A man has had sex, The Sun On Sunday can exclusively reveal.
After the Sunday Mirror exclusively revealed it a bit earlier.
The man gave a sex worker he wanted to have sex with some money, and then they had sex.
Sex is bad.
Gay sex worse.
Paying for it is like the seventh circle of Hell.
Even though it's not illegal or immoral.
Boo to sex, we say!
Resign! etc etc.
I thought men like that killed themselves.
Why can't he get gaymarried like nice, normal Tory gays?

PS The Public Whip give him 100% for supporting gay rights in parliament. So what is point?

PPS Apart from the fact Fagburn once outed him as... a bit of an idiot.

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  1. The Mail is reporting that he stated he intended to abstain in the gay marriage vote, but claimed that listening to the debate persuaded him to vote in favour. It seems there is a point.