Monday, 30 June 2014

Worst Tweet Of All Time: Tony Blair

Tony Blair marks the end of Michael Cashman's unglittering career as a toadying Labour MEP.
Which also means his boyfriend, Paul Cottingham, will be out of of a job, too.
A double-blow!

'No, no, thank you, Michael!'

Adverts: I Saw It In The Adverts

The history of gay people in advertising isn't that long. Rich Ferraro, vice president of communications at GLAAD (an LGBT organization that watches the media), says back in the '80s brands like Bud Light and Absolut Vodka were among the first to include the LGBT community in their advertising.

It was "mainly spirit brands marketing directly to gay men at the time," Ferraro says. "You saw images running in gay magazines or at gay events that featured a lot of shirtless white guys on beaches, or drag queens, and played up on stereotypes of the community." ...

Then in the 1990s, as society changed, brands started testing the waters with coded ads.

Robert Klara, a staff writer for Adweek, compares it to a two-way mirror: The ads contained messages that straight audiences would miss, but gay audiences would pick up on...

The push to get the LGBT consumer is example of how competitive the marketplace is now, says Adweek's Klara: "If you're not appealing to every minority community, be that racial or in terms of sexual orientation, you're missing out on market share."

Klara says it's tempting to think this is about social progress — but actually, he says, it's free market capitalism.

The problem with gay TV commercials is they rarely go beyond three themes; son comes out to parent/s, woman discovers hot dude she fancies is gay, and monied gay couple being boring and bourgeois (ideally with a kid or two). 

Graham Norton: Partying With Nigella

PRESENTER Graham Norton was partying with Nigella Lawson at a glitzy showbiz bash just hours before pulling a sickie from his BBC radio show.
Norton, 51, caused chaos when he failed to turn up for his three-hour Saturday morning Radio 2 slot, without telling bosses, forcing frantic colleagues to fill in for him.
His spokesman said he was “unwell overnight”.
But it later transpired he spent Friday evening at a swanky London party thrown by newspaper boss Evgeny Lebedev.
Dressed in a blue jacket and jeans, Norton arrived at the bash with telly chef Nigella...

The Sun. 

'Partying with Nigella', eh Graham? Norty norty...

Elton John: Jesus Christ!

Jesus would have been a supporter of gay marriage, Sir Elton John has claimed.
So there you billy-well go!

Elton also said he'd like to have a meeting with Putin next time he plays Russia - which has sent Pink New readers batshit!

Wonderfully bonkers pedantic piece by Tim Stanley in The Telegraph; Elton John says Jesus would've backed gay marriage. Millions will presume he's right.
Who cares what this ancient work of fiction 'said'?
And as for Jesus Christ...
Don't sue me Elton. :)

Rupert Everett: Hello Darling, Had Any Work Done?

She's so controversial!
At first, he bats away my question about whether he’s had work done but later agrees to talk about it. He has his own blood injected into his face every four months.

“They put it through a Magimix, turn it into plasma and inject it back in. It’s really good for your skin. Blood is the new thing. What you really want to have, if you’re rich, is someone with your blood group running high up in the mountains all day long and sending you down their blood, deliciously oxygenated, which you can inject in various parts of your body. I’d advise you to inject the whole of your face with blood – it will make it look radiant. Then I would have a little bit of laser, which is very good for tightening.”


Oh, Rupe also says some stuff about how being out has held his career back -  yeah, that and you being an insufferable arsehole.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Photography: Two Men Kissing In A Photobooth In 1953

From Vintage Everyday via the hilarious @HomoPosts. x

Posted for no reason other than I love it.

These stolen kisses say more about gay pride than getting a crappy 'parade' sponsored by apartheid-backing arms dealers.

PS Barclays shown to be massive corporate crooks again. But don't worry, they love the gays!

Tweet Of The Day: Bruce LaBruce

Pride In London: Now Filed Under 'Health & Families'

The Independent.

Now also claiming 500,000 people attended, despite organisers saying it was 30,000.

This is a text book 'Pride ain't wot it used to be' wooly liberal article that has appeared every year for the last 30.

PS Risible cliche-ridden patronising editorial from Saturday's Independent, Pride, While Prejudice Stalks [sic].


EastEnders: NOOOO!!!!

Earlier this year, writers were shocked to receive complaints from viewers
[Actually just a couple of twats from the Christian Institute] who were uncomfortable with their display of homosexual relationships.

Thankfully, the BBC are refusing to bend to the moaners' will as character Johnny Carter puckers up with a fella he got close to at Gay Pride celebrations.

The Albert Square teen could face a dilemma after falling for a new man who promptly packs up and leaves to heads home to Italy

Viewers will see Danny Dyer's on screen son, played by Sam Strike, meet Gianluca, played by Gabriele Lombardo, in the colourful parade thrown by London's gay community.

Instantly smitten with the hunk, he introduces him to the rest of his family.

The pair share a passionate kiss at the station, before Gianluca returns to France with Johnny claiming that he wants to follow him...

Daily Star.

Loving the use of 'fella' and 'hunk' - when have you ever heard someone use them in real life? #journalese.

Fagburn: A Modest Proposal

I'll let you know how I get on...

Update: She's said 'let's go for a drink or summat'. I fink he may be labouring under the popular misconception that I am a creepy old perv. :(

Broke Straight Boys: Currently Not Coming To A TV Screen Near You

And you would have got away with it, too, if you hadn't let people hear their rinkydink fagcents...

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pride In London: Different Times, Different Times...

New York Daily News, July 6 1969.
Once a riot, now just a PA opportunity for Sinitta's new single.
Yes, you heard right. SINITTA!

Still, exciting times...

Tweets Of The Day: A Very Angry Will Young

Clubs: Strike A Brighton Pose

Currently on offer.
The exhibition, Strike A Brighton Pose: A snapshot of LGBTQ clubbing in Brighton and Hove, is at Jubilee Library from Saturday July 21st.
Thanks Kate!

Pride In London: 30,000 Or 500,000? It's So Easy To Confuse Them

BBC News.

Remember when BBC News said up to a million people attended in 2010?

Yeah, that happened.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail gets a bit confused between the difference between 300,000 people and 20,000...

Will try to check On Monday, but the capacity for Trafalgar Square is usually given as 10,000.

Oh, hang on, this update just in, let's hear it for half-a-million...

The ever reliable Gay Star News.

Why not just say a billion and be done with it, you tragic gaytards?

It's quite simple, you just don't tell lies for a living.

And/or suck corporate cock.

Attitude: Thom Evans Exclusive!

I literally have no idea who the fuck this is.
But - hey - he's hot, sexy and wet!
Way to go, Attitude!

PS Also includes 26 pages of nuddy pix!

Straight Allies: Oh Give Me A Gun, I Just Want To Die

The Guardian (Sponsored feature - ie they deny all responsiblity for this corporate wank).

Who uses the term 'straight allies'?

Like 'gay icon', it's only used by idiotic journalists, almost always about people who aren't

Tim Cook: Oops!

It's hardly a secret.

Out magazine.

Robert De Niro: My Dad, The Crappy Gay Artist

FT Weekend.


Jeremy Bentham: Sexual Irregulaities

The Guardian.

His essay Offences Against Oneself - arguably the first polemic arguing for the repeal of sodomy laws - remained unpublished for over a century.

PS How can someone review their own book?

Queer Crisis: So Over This Rainbow

Created by Queer Crisis for NYC Pride.

Friday, 27 June 2014

#FreedomTo: Not Ask Where The Money's Gone

This must be a misprint, but according to these latest accounts from Ben Cohen's Stand-Up Foundation, his wife, Abby Cohen, was paid $130,000 in the first two years, while they gave out $35,000 in grants.
Thanks to you both.

Be interested to learn what she does, as when you try and contact the office no-one is ever there.

PS Of course there could be a perfectly innocent explanation for why only 5-10% of money raised is given out in grants.

#FreedomTo: Hoorah!

#FreedomTo: Be A Hired Killer

Hasn't she put on weight etc etc.
Gay soldier dudes RAY!!!

Brighton Pride: Daylight Bank Robbery

Brighton Pride directors were shocked to find a poster they considered misleading outside a NatWest Bank in Churchill Square saying Proudly Supporting Pride in Brighton.

Paul Kemp and Dulcie Weaver, both Directors of Brighton Pride CIC went into the branch to ask exactly how NatWest Bank were supporting Brighton Pride as they knew nothing about any sponsorship arrangements.

Dulcie Weaver, said: “We went into the bank and asked to see the manager, who we were told was away for three weeks. We asked exactly what Nat West Bank was doing to support Brighton Pride as stated on the poster. The cashier said they were supporting Pride by putting the posters up. We said that wasn’t supporting the event or helping our fundraising efforts.”

The cashier said: “Surely any support is better than no support at all.”

GScene - thanks to Undersided.

Pls don't write and say if they did give them money you'd complain about that, too. I reserve the right to be ethically confused and inconsistent.

Pride In London: I Think I'm Washing My Hair Tomorrow

Pride: Rainbow Puke

Pride: So Glad

The Independent.

Think he's joking about Sinitta - not sure if he is about being born gay.

Morrissey: FAQ

'In answer to your question, yes, I am definitely not a big gay racist.'

Brooks: Vindicated!


What: Brand?

'Companies most revered by our LGBT community...'

You couldn't make it up.

'Wow, I really revere these companies. Panera Bread is my third favourite on account of their gay-friendly bread-based snacks.'

Thursday, 26 June 2014

#FreedomTo: Bum Tom Daley

#FreedomTo: Say Hooray For Me!

Hello, I would like to confirm once again I invented being gay and Gay Pride.
Yes, it was me.
I would like to dedicate this press release about me to someone else less brilliant than me.

Irony is not his friend. Thanks to Philip. x

#Freedomto: Words Fail Me

#Freedomto: Buy Gay Stationery!

Jesus wept.

#FreedomTo: Be a Twat

Thought For The Day: Justin Vivian Bond

If by erasing the word "tranny," they hope to get rid of embarrassing associations with trans sex workers, drag performers, trashy gender fuckers, and other self- identified "freaks" who choose to live outside the binary gender system, they are in for a big disappointment, and in my opinion, they should be ashamed of themselves. Long before and even since Stonewall, the gay bourgeoisie has tried to hide the drag, leather, and trans subcultures away from the mainstream media to present a "positive" face in order to gain mainstream acceptance for the heteronormative LGBT people of their own class. This was also a strategy adopted by many feminists when they tried to purge lesbians from their ranks when feminism started to get a lot of mainstream attention. It didn't work for them, and it won't work for the (hopefully) well-intentioned trans "activists" who are getting a lot of mainstream media play and who have been have attacking other people who have more liberal and fluid notions of what gender can be...

Writing in The Stranger, About The Word Tranny.

The Independent: Reprinting Laughably Made-Up Press Releases R Us!

The Independent.

Cos we'll publish any old rubbish.