Monday, 16 June 2014

Brighton: Over The Rainbow

A "rainbow road crossing" in Brighton has been removed a week after it first appeared in the Sussex city.

The artwork, which organisers claimed to be the first in Europe, had been added to Madeira Drive to mark LGBT Pride Month.

Brighton and Hove Council said the rainbow was scrubbed away because it was an artwork that had never been intended as an official crossing.

Some residents had called for the crossing to become a permanent feature.

Neil Sykes, who owns The Modern World Gallery on Madeira Drive, said the response to the rainbow had been "astonishing" with visitors coming from across the country to see it.

He also claimed the road needed a new crossing because of a lack of safe points for pedestrians to cross...

What utter tosh.

No-one came, no-one cared, and - trust me, I live near this patronising tidal wave of pointlessness - there is no traffic there.

Thanks to KDD - see below. x


  1. Yeah but I wouldn't consider you a "trusted source." I did once :(


  3. Trust no-one - especially me.

  4. I guess most people -drivers and pedestrians- were confused by this. As a pedestrian, I wouldn't know if I was supposed to cross there or not. Is it or is it not a crossing? As a driver, I wouldn't know whether or not I was supposed to slow down.
    In short, it just causes confusion and is potentially dangerous. It's a shame somebody didn't have a very, very minor accident as a result of this thoughtless crap and sued the hell out of the morons who came up with it.