Friday, 27 June 2014

Brighton Pride: Daylight Bank Robbery

Brighton Pride directors were shocked to find a poster they considered misleading outside a NatWest Bank in Churchill Square saying Proudly Supporting Pride in Brighton.

Paul Kemp and Dulcie Weaver, both Directors of Brighton Pride CIC went into the branch to ask exactly how NatWest Bank were supporting Brighton Pride as they knew nothing about any sponsorship arrangements.

Dulcie Weaver, said: “We went into the bank and asked to see the manager, who we were told was away for three weeks. We asked exactly what Nat West Bank was doing to support Brighton Pride as stated on the poster. The cashier said they were supporting Pride by putting the posters up. We said that wasn’t supporting the event or helping our fundraising efforts.”

The cashier said: “Surely any support is better than no support at all.”

GScene - thanks to Undersided.

Pls don't write and say if they did give them money you'd complain about that, too. I reserve the right to be ethically confused and inconsistent.

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  1. What a lovely poster, it is too. Such pretty colours and no mention of t'gays. In fact, your average homophobe could well think it's about pride in the town of Brighton. Let's hope that lots of half naked men and loud drag queens descend on this branch soon, so they can really show their support for Gay Pride.