Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hillary Clinton: USA All The Way!

Gay Star News.

Only America, the beautiful, can save us from these barbarians.

All hail, the leaders of the free world.

Hey! This little lady may be an unconvicted war criminal, but she's a gay-friendly unconvicted war criminal.

She's killed countless innocent men, women and children, while squealing; 'Respect our civilised values!'

Bet she can't wait til they have gay weddings in the Middle East so she can send drone strikes against them too!

They'd have hanged this GAY ICON at the Nuremburg trials.

Why are so many gay journalists content to be no more than handmaidens to power?

And earlier today GAY ICON Hillary Clinton made a complete hypocritical fool of herself on NPR when she was asked to explain how she only came out for gay marriage last year.

You are leading the way, babes, leading the way.

FFS she can't even get this patronising crap right.

Why it's almost as if some gay media will laud you no matter what you do, just as long as you say you loves Teh Gays...

Queerty; 'Russia boo!' etc.
Hillary's landmark UN speech in full - think this may be a piss-take.

PS New bill aims to create US envoy on global LGBT rights, The Advocate. Christ. These cunts really think they run the world.

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  1. didn't someone get film a gay man getting jumped at a pride event in america a few days ago? maybe she should go shout at them